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Since its very beginning, LONGi has always stuck to the mono-crystalline path. It is focused on building of the most valuable solar technological company in the world. As the leading brand in the global photovoltaic industry, LONGi actively takes its social responsibilities and views "Close integration, Gung Ho" as its concept of social responsibilities. In the future, it will stick to the concept and take the responsibilities for its customers, employees and shareholders etc. whiling building the green comfortable homeland for the human beings.

——Close integration,Gung Ho

LONGi's Care For

the Earth Indices

  • Generation of clean energy
  • Reduction of CO2 emission
  • Reduction of fly ash emission
  • Reduction of SO2 emission
  • Reduction of PM2.5 emission
  • Equivalent to

Charity Action

LONGi One Percent Foundation

LONGi has set up LONGi’s One Percent Foundation (private), which is under Chinese Red Cross One Percent Foundation. With the concept "one percent of donation, one hundred percent of change", it advocates everyone to spend 1% of his time or money in social public welfare. The foundation consists of two brands:"One Percent of School Sponsorship Plan" and "Aiyou Childhood-CHD Children Treatment".

LONGi One Percent Foundation
  • Green Earth

    With the sustainable development as the concept, LONGi has worked with all efforts to build a green earth for the human beings.

  • Care for Employees

    LONGi cares for employees. With focus on their growth and development, we are committed to building the most valuable employer platform.

  • Public Welfare

    LONGi has focused and participated in public welfare activities, we call for the LONGi people to care for the society and make their contributions.

Social Responsibility Report

LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.Sustainability Report, 2020