Xi'an LONGi New Energy Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LONGi Group, which mainly covers distributed power station solutions. The distributed power station solution of LONGi covers the PV energy business fields such as distributed grid-connection, multi-energy complementary micro-grid, energy storage off-grid, energy Internet, etc. Through project investment and development of professional services such as EPC contracting, contract energy management power station operation and maintenance, system integration and optimization, LONGi provides integrated solutions for PV energy supply, conversion, distribution, optimization and value-added services to customers around the world. By the end of 2018, the total capacity of projects developed and constructed exceeded 1.3GW. 
The smart operation & maintenance service is available for power stations after transfer. The real-time power station operation monitoring is available to find out the potential risks and settle them in time. The comprehensive inspection can be conducted for power stations on a regular basis to ensure good operation status. Based on the operation status of the power station, the upgrade and optimization scheme can be prepared, where the new products and technologies can be introduced to improve the operation status and output. 
Monocrystalline ultra-high capacity cells Higher generation efficiency
Professional certification Product quality Trustworthy
One-stop service experts:One step to install the distributed photovoltaic system
Standardized professional design teams to meet “various demands” of customers
7-level quality assurance system,60 procedures, and strict construction
aftersales service response
Big data intelligent monitoring to master the generation data at any time
Free from the process of battery discharge
Less energy consumption
Less land coverage and less configuration cost
Distributed solutions for industrial and commercial sectors
It consists of the solar cell arrays and grid-connecting inverters, and it shall directly deliver the power via the grid-connecting inverters to the common power grid. Since the distributed power stations for industrial and commercial sectors are not designed with the battery charging and discharging process, it can reduce energy consumption and land coverage as well as configuration cost.
Off-grid photovoltaic systems of Xi’an LONGi New Energy Co., Ltd.
The off-grid photovoltaic power generation system consists of the photovoltaic modules, controllers, inverters, battery sets and supports. The power generated can be stored in the battery sets so as to supply sufficient power at night or in adverse weather. It can be widely applied to the remote regions with power supply unavailable for such sectors as living, production, transport, communications/telecommunications, petroleum, ocean and meteorology.
Micro-grid photovoltaic systems of Xi’an LONGi New Energy Co., Ltd.
The micro grid consists of the photovoltaic power, wind power, gas power, energy storage system and the relevant control systems. The power supply system in the grid-connecting/off-grid distributed operation mode can be built with configuration of multi-energy supplementary controls, system voltage and frequency regulation, dynamic and stable control systems. Its characteristics can be summarized as “photovoltaic-focused, multi-energy supplemented, power generation combined with energy storage, and intelligent regulation and control”.