Talent concept

  • Respect

    Gain respect and fully respect others at the same time; equally respect others’ personality regardless of the rank of the job position; respect the different beliefs and personal hobbies and privacies in the frame of laws and ethics.

  • Opportunity

    LONGi people believe that participation can improve the sense of mission. Take creating opportunities for the employees as the core of management, including offering the employees the opportunities to develop their capabilities to obtain the sense of accomplishment in the work, to promote by study and get higher income through more contributions.

  • Incentive

    To treat the employees in a just and fair manner and provide them with the treatment based on their working achievements.

LONGi Talent Development

LONGi has attached great importance to employees’ career development. Over years of accumulation, it has built a complete talent development system to provide a "double-channel" career development path for employees. Accordingly, there’s no "ceiling" in career development in LONGi. It encourages employee’s long-term internal development, gives priority to promotion of in-house employees, and regularly publishes announcements for competitive recruitment to make everyone do his best through fair competitions.
"LONGi Gather Talents, Achieve Long-lasting Existence" is a talent development project of LONGi, which is aimed to cultivate and retain senior managements and core technical leaders for global operation/management and technical R&D. The project has attracted more excellent talents from society and campuses, who have become the core human capital of LONGi. In this way, it has built a favorable mechanism and atmosphere for talent discovery, cultivation and development. LONGi pays attention to employees’ work experience. It has built a strong employer brand to enhance the employees’ sense of proudness, honor and responsibility, making their contributions to the clean energy undertaking of the human beings!
Gather Talents

Employer Branding

As the leading brand in the global photovoltaic industry, LONGi believes talents are the drive force for the long-term development and the core competitive power to win the future. It has always followed the concept "Respect" and "Opportunity" and cherished every employee. With focus on their growth and development, LONGi focuses on building of the most valuable employer platform. In the prospective domain of “Utilizing Solar Energy”, it is our collaborative undertake to share the clean energy by the human beings.

Employee Value Proposition

LONGi issued its employee value proposition—Prospective domain, Collaborative Undertake—which is extremely individualized and distinct. The concept is focused on LONGi’s efforts to promote the global development of the photovoltaic industry, march in joint hands towards the collaborative undertake and create a green earth for our offspring. The unique employer branding and the employee-centered concept serve as the cornerstone to attract and retain employees.
Employee Value Proposition

Our Future

In the upcoming days, LONGi will keep its promises and rebuild its HR operation and development based on information share and capacity share. It will work with all efforts to identify the talents’ demand and appeal and reflect to the maximum extent the employees’ value. In this way, it can reach the optimal employer experience status in value delivery and inspire more talents of high potential stepping towards their career zenith. We are looking forward to more global outstanding talents joining us and becoming the practitioner of "Utilizing Solar Energy, Building a Green World". The sunshine is just ahead. Let’s create a green earth in joint hands. We believe this is our collaborative undertake!