Green Sustainable Development

With the sustainable development as the concept, LONGi has integrated its responsibilities to sustainability and innovation. While promoting its own development, it has built complete environmental risk control measures and the emergency response plans for risk sources in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations on environmental protection. It has worked with all efforts to build a green earth for the human beings.

Haze control—We are in action!

Haze control—We are in action!

LONGi has actively promoted development of clean energy and construction of PV power stations, including the 11.5MW distributed system of Hengshui Hengrun Group, Hebei, and the 11.4MW distributed system of Shijiazhuang zhongyou Electromechanical, which have made great contributions to atmospheric pollution improvement in Hebei and its neighboring areas. As more PV power stations are built, the haze will become less and less.

Emission control—We are on the way!

The PV power, a green clean energy, can dramatically reduce emission of CO2 for environmental concern. LONGi will examine and certify the carbon footprint and invite the third party of credibility and qualifications to conduct evaluation. Based on it, LONGi will develop continuous improvement for CO2 emission control.
Emission control—We are on the way!

Environmentally-friendly Products

LONGi has developed its green environmental concept and measures from operation and management. Besides, it has focused on technical innovation to increase the conversion efficiency and execute the concepts "Produce clean energy by means of clean energy" and "Be the carrier and amplifier of clean energy". LONGi is aimed to produce the PV product by the renewable energy available in the destination, protecting better the green mountains and water.

Green Production & Operation

  • Green Office

    LONGi has managed to create the good office environment for its employees, e.g., green plant on the desks in the office, organization of various activities by the trade union and etc. Meanwhile, it calls on paperless office via the OA system of various processes. The max/min temperature identification for air conditioners in the office area is available in summer and winter to achieve the office mode of low carbon and environmental protection.

  • Waste Management

    The business divisions and factories of LONGi have built their management mechanisms for waste. The management rules and measures are prepared for the waste of different categories. The control rate of solid waste has reached 100%.

  • Wastewater Treatment

    LONGi has built the relevant wastewater treatment system and drained the treated water to the urban sewage pipeline in accordance with the relevant national and regional standards on emission. At present, the silicon water factories in China are all built with wastewater treatment plants, which shall develop wastewater monitoring on a regular basis and distinguish the industrial wastewater from the domestic one.