Protection of Employees' Rights

Protection of Employees' Rights

LONGi has paid attention to management and fostering of local talents and protected the legal rights of its employees in accordance with the International Bill of Human Rights, the labor standards and laws in the country and/or region where the global factories and offices are built.

Training for Employees

  • Training periods
    7,383, including the training on orientation, occupation, professional and management
  • Training hours
    27,104h of annual training
  • Training employees
    Totally 21,037 employees enjoyed the training welfare
As of Dec. 31st, 2017

Experience of Employees

With the core value "Reliable, Value-added, delighted", LONGi focuses on the working and value experience of employees and works to make them grow up and gain more value in a good working experience. Based on it, LONGi helps its employees claim to the climax of their career.