Essential Responsibilities:

1. Prepare and improve relevant purchasing procedures and systems;
2. Lead a team to conduct a survey on the market situation and track the market trend and timely give feedback to relevant leaders; 
3. Promote implementation of purchasing strategies and develop supply resources; lead a team to realize cutting of purchase costs;
4. Lead a team to carry out work related to searching of suppliers, perform supply performance management and evaluation, and keep relevant records and advance continuous improvement by suppliers;
5. Supervise daily purchasing to ensure timely delivery, rational inventory and accurate payment. 
6. Cooperate with the Technical Management, Quality Control and Research and Development Departments to find reasonable solutions to quality problems of purchased goods. 
7. Promote preparation of a purchase fund plan to ensure accurate and timely payment of funds according to the fund plan.
8. Supervise contract management to ensure it is up-to-standard, accurate and timely;
9. Implement all management systems of the company and assist the company in promoting implementation of ISO 9001:2015, 5S and other special programs; 
10. Be responsible for team building and personnel management within the extent of authority, and assist the Human Resource Department in personnel evaluation and training to promote and effectively supervise cultivating of integrity of department personnel during their work.
11. Finish other work assigned by superior leaders; 


1. A bachelor’s degree or higher, with engineering background;
2. Skilled in English listening and speaking with no trouble communicating in English; 
3. More than 10 years of experience in supply chain or other work related to purchasing in large enterprises; priority given to candidates of the same occupation, or with purchasing, quality, process and research and development backgrounds;
4. Familiar with current market development situation of photovoltaic industry; able to analyze independently;
5. Quick-minded with a good sense of service; good organizational and coordinating ability within the department and among departments; adept at business negotiation, interpersonal communication and team management; 
6. Able to handle great working pressure;