LONGi Attended the 24th Global Energy Conference PV Industry Growth Attracted Much Attention
Time:2019-09-30 13:42:46
From September 9th to 12th, the 24th World Energy Congress was held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center in the United Arab Emirates. Nearly 50 energy ministers from about 150 countries, more than 500 CEOs of companies and nearly 10,000 representatives from national governments, enterprises, and academic institutions attended the meeting. Mr. Li Zhenguo, President of LONGi, was invited to attend the World Energy Summit and delivered a speech at the “PV Commitment” dialogue.

 ▲ The 24th Global Energy Conference

09-09 Opening Ceremony of the World Energy Summit

At the opening ceremony of the conference on September 9, H.E. Suhail Al Mazrouei, Energy Minister of the United Arab Emirates, H.E. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of State of the United Arab Emirates and Chairman of the National Oil Company of Abu Dhabi, and Younghoon David Kim, President of the World Energy Council, respectively delivered a welcome speech and opening speech.

▲ H.E. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of State of the United Arab Emirates and Chairman
of the National Oil Company of Abu Dhabi 
delivered a opening speech

09-10 World Energy Summit - CEO Round Table
Local time on the morning of September 10th, President Li Zhenguo participated in the World Energy Summit as the only representative of China. At the meeting, he was full of confidence in the development of the global PV industry and explained "three no worries" about the future of the PV industry.

▲ The scene of the conference

First, "do not worry about the cost of PV power generation." With the continuous advancement of technology, manufacturing and business model, the cost of PV power generation has dropped by more than 90% compared with 10 years. In many parts of the Middle East, grid prices of PV power generation have been generally less than 2 cents and even fallen to 1 cent within ten years. Even in Europe where lighting conditions are worse than that in the Middle East, the grid price will fall to 2-3 cents, which means that PV power generation will become the most economical energy in most parts of the world.
Second, "do not worry about the intermittent problems of PV power generation." He said that in recent years, the energy storage form and technology have made great progress. And the development of electric vehicle industry, the maturity of pumping technology and the breakthrough of long-distance transmission technology can better solve the intermittent problem of PV power generation.
Third, “do not worry about the supply of PV products”, he said that in the case that economic and intermittent problems get solved, renewable energy based on PV power generation has fully met the conditions of large-scale replacement of traditional fossil energy. From next year, more than 200 GW of PV products will be supplied in the global market.
09-10 Dialogue on “PV Commitment”
In the dialogue, while affirming the achievements of PV development, the guests also expressed their concerns about some constraints of the current PV industry. They agreed that in many countries and regions, policy makers are still not fully aware of the potential of developing the PV industry. In many countries and regions, investments in traditional energy sources continues to increase, while they will become “sunk costs” in the near future, which is not conducive to the development of clean energy. The guests including Li Zhenguo hope that through this meeting, the whole society will recognize the great value and potential of PV industry and vigorously promote its development of PV industry and the renewable energy.

▲ LONGi President Li Zhenguo delivered a speech at the “PV Commitment” dialogue

When talking about the issue of how to full play the potential of PV power generation, Li Zhenguo said that in addition to achieving a clean energy structure and bringing clean and green energy to the world, PV industry can bring more positive effects to the earth. With the large-scale application of PV power generation, when “making solar energy products by PV power generation” is fully realized, large amount of zero-carbon clean power can be produced, with which water irrigation and greening deserts can be carried out without any worries. When 70% of the global desert areas becomes an oasis, the carbon emissions from human activities can be effectively reduced, achieving negative carbon development. 1% of the global desert area for PV power generation can meet the utilization of all human beings.

▲  The picture of participants in the dialogue

At the World Energy Summit, the development of the clean energy industry with PV as the representative has received more and more attention and recognition from the energy field. According to the official of the conference, the global installed capacity of PV, the fastest growing energy has been up to 305 GW in 2019 from zero in 2000 to 50 GW in 2010. Many countries that use traditional fossil energy as their main industry have also expressed great interest in developing the PV industry, promoting the transformation of energy structure.
At the previous China-Arab Expo, LONGi also signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia to carry out a feasibility study on the development of PV product manufacturing projects in Saudi Arabia, and promote the implementation of project plans. At the conference, President Li Zhenguo answered the questions about the comparison of “energy consumption and the power generation of PV products manufacturing”. taking the energy consumption of the PV production base in Saudi Arabia as an example. He said that through the calculation, building a 5GW-scale PV power station with 3GW-scale pumped storage can support the whole industrial chain capacity of 20GW “turning sand into modules”. What’s more the clean energy generated by these manufactured component products, PV is an amplifier which can fully play the role of clean energy produced by modules within its 30-year life cycle.