LONGi Shanxi Xicheng Bidding Demonstration Project with PV Power Generation of 150MW Officially Kick Off
Time:2019-09-30 17:11:56
On September 23, the opening ceremony of LONGi Shanxi Ruicheng Bidding Demonstration Project with PV Power Generation of 150MW was officially held. Under the joint witness of government leaders at all levels in Yucheng County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. It is the first PV power generation bidding grid project of LONGi and is another key project of PV power generation in Yucheng after the successful implementation of LONGi PV Leader Base Project.

▲ The opening ceremony of LONGi Shanxi Ruicheng Bidding Demonstration Project

"As a key project for the comprehensive reform of the energy revolution in Shanxi Province, LONGi Clean Energy will complete the project construction with the leading technologies and products and perfect solutions." Zhang Changjiang, President of LONGi Clean Energy Business Unit said that under the reduction of the policy subsidy, the construction of the bidding grid demonstration base for PV power generation bidding can promote the photovoltaic industry at the same time as the large-scale application of advanced technologies, products and solutions in the PV industry, providing strong support for achieving grid parity in Shanxi.

▲ Zhang Changjiang, chairman of LONGi clean energy business unit,
delivered a speech at the commencement ceremony

Located in Nanwei village and Ximo Town, Yucheng County, LONGi Shanxi Yucheng Bidding Grid Demonstration Project with PV Power Generation of 150MWp have fully applied Intelligent Convergence PRO+ Solutions consisting of LONGi efficient monocrystalline PERC bifacial half-cell modules, the best slope fixed holder and distributed inverters integrated with smart box leads the large-scale application and popularization of industry-leading technologies and products while improving system operation efficiency and power generation.
After the completion of the project, it is expected to supply 200.79 million KW/h of electricity for the grid every year. Compared with thermal power with the same power generation, it can save 65,460 tons of standard coal per year and reduce 158,600 tons of carbon dioxide, 1152.5 tons of sulfur dioxide and 17.308 million tons of nitrogen oxides; Meanwhile, it comprehensively applies the comprehensive development model of PV + agriculture, and carries out ecological planting of alkali-resistant pasture, medicinal materials and other economic crops in the idle area of PV power generation facilities to realize synergistic development of PV power generation and ecological agriculture and achieve a win-win situation of economic, social and ecological benefits.

▲ Commencement ceremony

In 2019, China's PV industry entered a policy adjustment year with the goal of improving quality, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and the “eve” of overall grid parity, promoting the construction of the new subsidy bidding mechanism and grid parity base. In the annual new PV power stations, the proportion of parity and bidding projects has accounted for 75% of the total project volume, further accelerating the process of grid parity from PV power generation.
The data shows that the average LCOE subsidy for projects included in the subsidy bidding list this year is about 0.0645 yuan / KWh, over 50% lower than the guide price. The continued decline in subsidies has put forward higher requirements for the cost reduction of PV systems and the improvement of the efficiency of solutions.

▲ Large ground PV power station project

As a global leading PV system solution supplier, it has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of efficient monocrystalline PV products, and committed to becoming the world's most valuable solar technology company. LONGi Intelligent Convergence PRO+ Solutions create continuous improvement and breakthrough of PV system efficiency and power generation through deep technology integration and efficient matching of modules, inverters, holders, etc., which can effectively reduce system investment cost. In the pilot stations such as Kubuqi, Daqing and Hami, Zhihui PRO+ solutions have improved power generation by more than 20% compared with the traditional configuration.
LONGi Intelligent Convergence PRO+ Solutions
With monocrystalline modules as the core, LONGi Intelligent Convergence PRO+ Solutions, integrate many well-known inverter and holder manufacturers, possess the most advanced technology and R&D personnel in the industry, realizing the comprehensive integration of technology development and project design.
The special research group consisted by experts in modules, inverters and holders share their own core technology, conduct the efficient technical integration with the systematic thinking, and fully exploit the product potential and system efficiency, effectively improving the power generation and achieving the best IRR and LCOE, which provides the most valuable one-stop solutions for customers
LONGi Sample: 1+1+1>3
In the practical application of the solutions, diversified pilot projects have been built in Taizhou, Pucheng, Daqing and Kubuqi in terms of different locations, formats and climate conditions. Through the large-scale practical application from the leading design ideas, the monitoring, summary and analysis of operation data are realized in power stations, to carry out the secondary R&D of technologies and equipment optimization, continuously improving the system performance of the solutions and the operation efficiency of the power stations.
LONGi took the lead in the large-scale practical application of bifacial double-glass solutions. The demonstration projects in the Kubuqi Desert utilize the optimum portfolio of bifacial monocrystalline modules of LONGi Solar Hi-MO series + oblique single axis tracker + bifacial string inverters, achieving leading technologies such as rear non-shading, intelligent tracking, and multi-channel MPPT. Pilot data shows that system power generation with new solutions improves 40% compared with traditional single-sided modules and fixed-holder systems.
Meanwhile, they are aimed at the efficient cooperation of bifacial modules, inverters and holders and integrate the cutting-edge technologies like inverse astronomical algorithms, Module Single Row Array Inclination Control, 4G wireless + PLC communication technology, artificial intelligence control system, etc., with different product configurations, applying to the pilot stations in Pucheng, Daqing and Taizhou. From the current data, the power generation is generally increased by over 30%.
In the grid parity era, LONGi will continue to optimize LONGi Intelligent Convergence PRO+ Solutions and take the lead with the product cost advantages from the collaborative industry chain, the technical advantages from high investment for technical R&D and the LCOE advantage from the system solutions.