2019 Fortune Global Forum: Li Zhenguo Delivers the Voice of Green Transformation in China
Time:2019-11-20 16:08:00
On November 18, the 2019 Fortune Global Forum, a well-known global financial forum, opened in Paris, the capital of France.
As an important global economic summit in the context of profound changes in the global economy, the summit invited Bruno le Maire, French Finance Minister, Philip Lane, Chief Economist of the European Central Bank, Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson &Johnson group, Hu Houkun, Vice-Chairman of Huawei, and business leaders, experts and scholars such as GE, Volvo, Renault, Boeing, Oxford University and Harvard University, who all conducted in-depth discussions on many major concerns affecting global development at present and in the future. Mr. Li Zhenguo, President of LONGi Co., Ltd., as the only invited photovoltaic enterprise in the world and the enterprise representative who effectively carries out zero carbon emission practice, attended the forum and made a speech in the round table dialogue.
Photovoltaic Power Generation Helps Global Green Transformation
The issue of sustainable development has long been concerned by global political and business leaders, and the response to global warming is the focus of the focus, especially under the downward pressure of the economy, how to achieve the balance between economic development and climate action is also one of the focuses of this forum.
In December 2015, nearly 200 parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change reached the Paris Agreement at the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris, which set a common goal for all countries to work together to control the global average temperature rise within 2 degrees Celsius in this century.
In 2019, under the downward pressure of the global economy and the trend of anti-globalization, the temperature control goal, which is hard to reach consensus, will encounter major challenges due to the fear of economic recession. In response, Li Zhenguo said in the dialogue, "clean energy represented by photovoltaic power generation will become a powerful measure to deal with climate issues."
Li Zhenguo believes: "because of the downward pressure of the economy, slowing down climate action is not the best choice, and the increase of carbon emissions will seriously hinder economic development." Nordhaus, the winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in economics, calculates the relationship between carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth by establishing a model. The results show that the economic loss caused by each generation of thermal power is about 2.5 cents without the substantial strengthening of climate policy. His research reveals the loss of climate to economic development with rigorous economic methods.

For the dilemma between climate action and economic development, Li Zhenguo also gave a balanced way: "today, the continuous progress of photovoltaic power generation technology has made it the most economical energy type in many regions of the world. Therefore, the establishment of a clean-energy-based energy structure will provide a feasible solution to the dilemma between economy and climate. "

Innovation Driven Growth in China
Li Zhenguo said that in recent years, China's attention to environmental protection has been increasing, and the development concept of "green water and green mountains are gold mountains and silver mountains" has been put forward, which has promoted the rapid development of China's photovoltaic industry, brought the continuous progress of photovoltaic power generation technology and the rapid decline of cost. The rapid rise of China's photovoltaic industry is also a microcosm of the development of China's manufacturing industry.
Li Zhenguo took LONGi as an example to explain the development path of China's manufacturing industry: "as a technology-driven enterprise, LONGi keeps R & D investment accounting for 5% - 7% of its income every year, which is very rare in the photovoltaic industry. It is this unremitting pursuit of innovation that enables us to lead the industry in product quality and cost performance. " He believes that with the acceleration of China's industrial upgrading, innovative enterprises have a broader living space in the Chinese market.

At the same time, Li Zhenguo also expressed his optimistic attitude towards China's future development: "the growth rate of China's economy is still at the forefront of the world, while the per capita GDP and urbanization level are still far away from most developed economies, which represents huge development potential." As a representative of China's private enterprises, he suggested that the leaders of the world's top 500 enterprises on the spot maintain confidence and investment in China. "The growth of LONGi also benefits from the continuous development of China, and I believe that all of you here can benefit from the Chinese market."

Speed Up of International Development
Chinese Photovoltaic Enterprises Firmly Participate in the Global Market

In the hope that the world will continue to pay attention to China, Li Zhenguo also expressed the firm will consist of Chinese enterprises to actively participate in the international market from the perspective of globalization. Taking the global development of LONGi as an example, he said: "since 2016, LONGi has laid out overseas, established a marketing network covering all regions of the world, and has laid out in North America, Australia, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, and other countries and regions. The company has established overseas subsidiaries and offices and established the whole industrial chain production base in Malaysia. In the first half of 2019, the overseas sales volume of LONGi's component products has reached 76% of the total sales volume, with a year-on-year growth of 252%, all thanks to the continuous improvement of the company's overseas layout. "
Li Zhenguo said that the photovoltaic industry itself is an industry with a high degree of globalization, and LONGi is willing to participate in it actively. In Europe, LONGi has participated in the development of the clean energy industry in many countries through different forms. On this trip to Europe, LONGi will also visit some key projects on the spot to further strengthen the cooperative relationship between LONGi and European enterprises.

LONGi Committed to the Realization of "Negative Carbon Earth"

For the future of the photovoltaic industry, Li Zhenguo believes that with the continuous evolution of technology, photovoltaic has gradually got rid of the impression of "expensive," and its advantages will be fully released. He said, "in the future, LONGi will be committed to realizing the complete zero carbon emission production of photovoltaic products with clean energy through the concept of" Solar for Solar. " And hope to apply photovoltaic products to desalination, desert control, and other fields, and then gradually solidify carbon emissions and realize negative carbon earth. " At present, LONGi has carried out such practice in Yunnan, China, and Kuching, Malaysia, and achieved positive results.
LONGi's vision and practice of low-carbon development have also been highly recognized by the guests and media at the summit. CGTN also said in an interview with Li Zhenguo that LONGi is one of the few enterprises that has carried out the practice of "zero-carbon production" in this activity.
In the interview, Li Zhenguo also expressed his views on innovation opportunities in China's economic development. He said, "in the past few years, China's manufacturing industry has begun to transform to a higher goal. Many enterprises like ours have made a lot of investment in R & D and driven the development of the industry with the upgrading of technology and manufacturing capacity, especially in the photovoltaic industry. I believe that China's economy will be more and more integrated into the world economy. ".
The views expressed by President Li Zhenguo at the forum were also highly recognized by the guests present. Adam Lashinsky, Executive Vice President of Fortune magazine and Co-chairman of Fortune Global Forum, said: "President Li Zhenguo's point of view provides a new perspective to solve the global climate change problem and makes us more deeply observe the great changes in China's manufacturing industry, which is exciting."
"Sustainable development is an important topic of this Fortune forum," said Sonny Wu, Chairman of GSR Ventures, a world-renowned investment institution. "LONGi impressed the participants by making the vision of sustainable development a reality."
Fields Wicker-Miurin, Non-executive Director of BNP Paribas, also expressed full recognition of Mr. Li Zhenguo's view on "using clean energy to solve climate problems," and hoped to have more in-depth exchanges with LONGi.