President Li Zhenguo is on the Harvard Business Review's list of China's Top 100 CEOs
Time:2019-12-12 17:11:00
Recently, Harvard Business Review (HBR), a well-known business management journal in the world, released the list of "top 100 CEOs of China" in 2019. Mr. Li Zhenguo, President of LONGi, was shortlisted for the second time, ranking 31st, up 16 places from last year.
The theme of "top 100 CEOs" in 2019 is "Business Long-term Doctrine in Uncertain Era." Harvard Business Review pointed out in the article, "in this turbulent era, uncertainty becomes a huge challenge for enterprises, but the more turbulent environment, the more able to reflect the level of enterprise leaders."
The list of China's top 100 CEOs conveys one thing: long-term enterprises can create lasting value for companies and shareholders.
——Harvard Business Review November 2019
"Long-term Doctrine" is the core keyword of HBR in this year's "top 100 CEOs" selection. They believe that "long-term doctrine is not only the CEO's tenure but also a performance of long-term value promotion." LONGi's long-term stable business style and good business performance are also the best embodiment of "Long-term Doctrine."
LONGi always firmly believes that the sustainable operation ability of the enterprise is the greatest guarantee for customer value. Therefore, LONGi has always adhered to the principle of not taking risks and not speculating, working within its own capabilities, always maintaining the focus on the main business and technology research and development, not coveting the interests unrelated to the main business, and fully devoted to the research and development of photovoltaic technology and the improvement of production and manufacturing capacity.

LONGi has been one of the photovoltaic enterprises with the highest financial health in the industry for a long time, and its asset-liability ratio has been controlled at about 50% for many years in a row; LONGi has been ranked in the top three in competitiveness reports of iron man photovoltaic enterprises in " PHOTON. " Altman-Z score of financial security index in "Bloomberg New Energy Finance" ranks first among module manufacturers and is also the financing rating of PV-Tech photovoltaic module suppliers. One of the Only Four AA-rated companies in the report.
In terms of business performance, LONGi achieved operating revenue of RMB 11.531/16.362/21.988 billion in 2016 / 2017 / 2018, with a compound growth rate of 42.23% in the past five years. The company's market value ranks first among global photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises. LONGi's long-term stable business style also brings great value to customers, users, employees, and all stakeholders.
In addition to focusing on the business management ability and financial performance of the operator in charge of the company, the "top 100 CEOs" list was also ranked comprehensively based on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores. As an enterprise engaged in the manufacture of clean energy products, LONGi is also actively fulfilling its social responsibility.

LONGi takes the environmental impact as one of the main factors to consider the industrial layout, taking the lead in the layout of Yunnan, China, and Kuching, Malaysia, and using clean hydropower resources for manufacturing clean photovoltaic products. At present, Yunnan has become the most important silicon rod and wafer production base in LONGi and continues to increase the industrial layout of "clean energy manufacturing" in Yunnan.

LONGi also drives and influences industry chain partners with its own "green production" concept, hoping to form a complete green industry chain model in the industry. At present, LONGi has defined the goal of complete zero-carbon production and will join the RE100 initiative, which is committed to 100% use of renewable energy.

As a scientific and technological enterprise engaged in the research and development of clean energy products, LONGi's social responsibility is also reflected in promoting the whole society to form a correct understanding of the transformation of energy structure. On December 12, LONGi will issue the report "China Photovoltaic Development Prospect 2050" at the 25th UN Climate Change Conference, analyze the future development trend of China's photovoltaic industry, and provide solutions, so as to appeal to the whole society to join in the process of energy structure transformation. At that time, LONGi will hold a press conference on the official channel of the United Nations to jointly look forward to the future global energy structure transformation and climate change issues with supporters of global climate action.