President Li Zhenguo's Return Visit to LONGi Belgium Photovoltaic Project to Promote Global Sustainable Development with Efficient Products
Time:2019-11-21 17:19:00
In recent years, with the aggravation of the climate problem, photovoltaic power generation as an effective measure to curb the climate problem has been valued by many countries around the world. With the continuous progress and cost reduction of photovoltaic technology, countries have realized its important value for the economy, society, and environment.
 In the development process of the global photovoltaic industry, there is no doubt that Chinese photovoltaic enterprises play a huge role in promoting. At present, China's installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation, total power generation, total production, and manufacturing of photovoltaic products and other key indicators rank first in the world, becoming a brand-new "national card." More and more photovoltaic enterprises in China are going abroad, participating in the development of renewable energy with global thinking.
 On November 18, Li Zhenguo, President of LONGi, paid a return visit to the photovoltaic parking lot of Belgium Paradise Zoo and Your Nature Resort, and had in-depth exchanges with project owners, new energy enterprises, investors, local governments and media, and discussed many topics about the development of clean energy.
LONGi High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Product Lighting
"The Heart of Nature"
At the first stop of this return visit, President Li Zhenguo came to the famous Your Nature Eco Resort in Belgium and was warmly welcomed by the owner's representative of the project, Prince Edouard de Ligne. Your Nature Eco Resort is managed and operated by the world-famous Dream Hotel Group. The project has 280 hectares of lakes and forests. The project is in the Fuvage Forest Reserve in Antoine, Belgium. The project shows an amazing picture of natural ecology.
"Heart of Nature" is most admired for its development philosophy of "Respecting Nature" and "Building a 100% Environmental-friendly Ecological Resort". All-natural ecological models in the project area have been fully valued and protected since the development. Prince Edouard de Ligne said: "no human activity should pose a threat to nature. Respect for nature is our fundamental principle. We want to establish a scene where human beings and natural ecology live in complete harmony." For the development and design principles, he added, "our foundation is 100% environmental protection, and the main energy supply is photovoltaic power.
Prince Edouard de Ligne and President Li Zhenguo had in-depth exchanges on the development of clean energy, the prevention of global warming and other issues, and watched the LONGi "Solar for Solar" concept promotional film with great interest. Prince Edouard de Ligne expressed his gratitude for the high-quality solar products provided by LONGi. He said: "thanks to LONGi for providing high-quality photovoltaic products to support our environmental protection concept. We know that LONGi is also a strong supporter of climate action and has carried out effective practice. LONGi's" Solar for Solar "concept is impressive."
Three "Chinese business cards" Gather at Paradise Zoo
LONGi Helps Build the World's Largest Photovoltaic Parking Lot
The second stop of this return visit is Paradise Zoo in Lugelette City, which is known as "Belgium's most beautiful animal and plant park." It has a deep relationship with China. At present, the zoo has five giant pandas, and it is the animal park with the largest number of giant pandas outside China. In addition, Paradise Zoo's 50,000 square meter "China Garden" is also the largest Chinese garden complex outside China and the best witness of China Belgium friendship.
Today, the third "China Business Card" will be received here. LONGi, a Chinese photovoltaic enterprise, will provide 62,750 pieces of high-efficiency single-crystal photovoltaic module products for Paradise Zoo, help build a photovoltaic parking lot with an installed capacity of 20MW and the largest in the world, and provide green and clean electric energy for this top-level zoo, which is famous all over Europe.
For choosing photovoltaic power as the main form of energy supply for zoos, Eric Domb said: "Paradise Zoo is to build a space where people and nature can live in harmony and choosing photovoltaic power as clean energy is a good fit for such a concept. We are willing to show the world our determination to protect the earth's environment as a case of clean energy use."
The economy is another reason Eric Domb chose photovoltaic power generation. He said: "We know that the cost of photovoltaic power generation is very low now, and it is also competitive compared with other forms of power generation. We also believe that the high-efficiency photovoltaic products provided by LONGi will provide more power generation and further reduce costs. "
Made in China Helps the Development of Global Photovoltaic Industry
For the economy of photovoltaic power generation, the development and operation officials of the investor of the photovoltaic parking lot project of Paradise Zoo expressed the same view. He said that with the continuous progress of technology, the cost of clean energy, such as solar energy, has been greatly reduced and has an advantage in the economy, which is one of the positive factors to promote the wider application of clean energy. After the completion of the project in early 2020, the investor will supply power to the owner, and Paradise Zoo will pay the investor a usage fee every year, which is lower than the previous annual electricity fee.
As an important member of the EU, Belgium attaches great importance to the use of clean energy and its positive contribution to climate reduction in order to achieve the EU 2020 climate target. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the economy of photovoltaic power generation, Belgium has built many new photovoltaic power generation projects. "Belgium attaches great importance to the development of clean energy and has issued a series of supportive policies to promote the development of clean energy. Belgium will become one of the most important photovoltaic product markets in Europe," said Luc Leenknegt, chief executive officer of the EPC side of the project.
For the cooperation with LONGi, Luc Leenknegt said that LONGi is one of the leaders in the industry. They have strong ng R & D team and technical advantages and can provide reliable and efficient solar products. This is what we need most. We need international enterprises with leading strength to join us. In addition, Luc Leenknegt also said, "LONGi is very successful in corporate governance, their business is very stable, and they are world leaders in financial health and component product financing, which will also help our work."
Technological Innovation Promotes the Development of Globalization
As for the rapid progress of China's photovoltaic industry, Li Zhenguo said: "this due to two key factors: technological progress and improvement of production and manufacturing capacity." In terms of technological progress, Li Zhenguo said: "the technological progress of China's photovoltaic enterprises is all-round. Taking LONGi as an example, from 2012 to the first half of 2019, the cumulative R & D investment reached nearly 4 billion yuan. The R & D investment accounts for 5% - 7% of the revenue all year-round is the photovoltaic enterprise with the highest R & D investment in the whole world. LONGi has broken the world record six times in three years on the core technical index of perc photoelectric conversion efficiency; in the field of photovoltaic product manufacturing, silicon rod, silicon wafer, battery, and module are all leading the industry development with breakthrough technology. The technology leading type embodied by LONGi is also a miniature of China's photovoltaic industry and even China's manufacturing industry. "
In terms of production and manufacturing capacity, Li Zhenguo believes that the key is the improvement of China's photovoltaic industry chain. He said that ten years ago, most of China's photovoltaic production and manufacturing equipment and raw materials had to be imported. Today, with the joint efforts of LONGi and other Chinese enterprises, a complete industrial chain has been completed in China, 99% of raw materials and production equipment have been localized, which has also brought about a significant increase in production and manufacturing capacity.
 Regarding the globalization of enterprises, Li Zhenguo said that the photovoltaic industry itself is an industry with a high degree of globalization. LONGi and Chinese photovoltaic enterprises hope to participate in the global market with a more open attitude. At present, LONGi has established a full industrial chain production base in Kuching, Malaysia, and established branches and branches in more than ten countries around the world, with more than 3,000 foreign employees. This also shows the openness and determination of China's photovoltaic industry. We are willing to bring advanced photovoltaic technology and high-quality photovoltaic products to global customers, and we are also willing to see all photovoltaic enterprises with leading technological advantages in the world work with us to promote this great cause for the benefit of mankind.