Review 2019丨LONGi Key Words
Time:2020-02-26 17:21:18
In the twinkling of an eye
 The progress bar in 2019 has been loaded to 99.99%
This year
 The global upsurge of cheap Internet
 Drove the sustainable development of the industry
 For LONGi
 2019 is also a year full of unforgettable memories
 Today, let's review 2019 of LONGi
Through "LONGi keywords."
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Record Breaker
As a technology-driven enterprise, LONGi always takes technology innovation and breakthroughs as the core power of enterprise development. In 2019, driven by continuous high R & D investment, LONGi continuously broke the world record of key technical indicators in the industry and continued to maintain the role of "record breaker" in the industry.
 Battery Conversion Rate Exceeds 24.06%
 On January 16, LONGi set a world record of 24.06% conversion rate of efficient single crystal perc battery.
 The Front Power of the Module Reaches 450.363w
 On May 7, the front power of the LONGi 72 double-sided half chip module reached 450.363w, a world record.
 Push the Front Power of the Module to 500.5w
 On May 31, LONGi released the "seamless welding" technology, which pushed the front power of double-sided perc components to 500.5w, setting a new world record.
Front Conversion Efficiency of Components Exceeds 21.65%
 On December 9, the front conversion efficiency of the LONGi 60 double-sided perc module reached 21.65%, which set a new world record.
Shining Newness
In 2019, LONGi made efforts at multiple ends of the industrial chain at the same time, aiming at reducing the cost of the photovoltaic power generation system, launched a number of heavy-duty products that have a significant impact on the industry in silicon chips, components, and other links, and continued to lead the industry development.
 First Launch of Hi-MO 4 InterSolar
 On May 16, LONGi released a new generation of module product Hi-MO4 at InterSolar Photovoltaic Exhibition in Munich, with a maximum positive power of 430W.
166 Size M6 Wafer Launch
 On June 4, at the SNEC-2019 exhibition, LONGi launched a large silicon chip with a side distance of 166 mm, which is also the optimal silicon chip size based on the current production line compatibility and kilowatt-hour cost.
 Global Release of Hi-MO X Component
 Since August, LONGi has successively released Hi-MO X, an efficient laminated perc component product, to the global market, which has been highly recognized by the market.
Financial Stability
In 2019, LONGi continued to maintain a stable financial level and an excellent financial rating. In a number of authoritative ratings and rankings, LONGi's financial health has always been at the top.
 Altman-Z Ranked First
 On June 19, Bloomberg New Energy Finance released the report on brand financing of photovoltaic modules, and LONGi ranked first in the scores of component manufacturer Altman-Z.
PV ModuleTech AA Rating
 On August 27, PV-Tech released a report on the financing rating of photovoltaic module suppliers (PV ModuleTech), and LONGi became the only four AA rating (highest level) enterprises in the world.
Brand Enhancement
In 2019, with the rapid development of LONGi, the brand value of LONGi has been continuously improved, and LONGi has been shortlisted in many famous lists at home and abroad, and the brand influence and reputation have been continuously improved.
 Brand Value 12.577 Billion RMB
 On May 9, the "China Brand Value Evaluation Information" was released, and the brand value of Longi Co., Ltd. rose to the highest 12.577 billion yuan in history.
Forbes Global 2000
 On May 16, Forbes released the "Top 2,000 List of Global Listed Companies", and LONGi ranked 1794.
 On June 29, LONGi was selected into the "50 smart companies list (TR50)" of MIT Technology Review Magazine.
Double Top 500
 On July 10, Fortune China's top 500 list was released, and LONGi ranked No. 380; on August 22, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce released the 2019 China's top 500 private enterprises list, and LONGi ranked No. 397.
 National Recognition
In 2019, the rapid development of green production, technology research, and development of LONGi shares was highly recognized by the national, provincial, and municipal governments and departments at all levels and gained many national, provincial recognition and heavy official honors.
 Enterprise Technology Center
 On March 12, Yinchuan LONGi obtained the certification of "Enterprise Technology Center at the Level of Autonomous Region." Since then, LONGi Co., Ltd. has been recognized by six national and provincial enterprise technology centers.
 National Worker Pioneer
 On April 23, the first class of five slices manufactured by LONGi Xi'an slicing factory won the honor of "National Worker Pioneer."
National Green Factory
 On September 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the fourth batch of green manufacturing list, and Yinchuan LONGi was selected as the second "national green factory" under LONGi Group.
Investor Trust
In 2019, LONGi took improving the governance level of listed companies as the cornerstone, continued to standardize operation and make scientific decisions, led the company's steady development, and constantly created greater value for shareholders. The company has completed the share allotment and convertible bond hairstyle and has been shortlisted in many domestic and foreign heavyweight indexes and lists, which are deeply trusted by the majority of investors.
 3.9 Billion Yuan Allotment
 On April 16, LONGi issued a 3.9 billion yuan allotment successfully, with 99.54% super high allotment rate setting a shared record since 2011.
 The Best Listed Company of New Fortune
 On May 16, LONGi was listed in the top 50 list of "the Best Listed Company of New Fortune."
5 billion Yuan of Convertible Bonds
 In the second half of 2019, LONGi issued the second phase convertible bond financing of 5 billion yuan to provide financing guarantee for the company's new capacity expansion.
 Selected into Three Indexes
 In 2019, LONGi was selected into the FTSE Russell A-share index, S & P Dow Jones Emerging Markets Global Benchmark index, and Shanghai Stock 50 index.
Active Accountability
In 2019, LONGi adhered to the concern and support for environmental protection, targeted poverty alleviation, and educational development actively participates in social public welfare undertakings, and actively performs corporate social responsibilities.
 Environmental NGOs Entering LONGi
 On June 27, LONGi invited a number of well-known environmental NGOs and media to LONGi to discuss the green development path of LONGi.
 Support Education in Remote Areas
 In 2019, LONGi Co., Ltd. donated and built two photovoltaic power stations to LONGi Middle School in Xixiang County and Simu Village Primary School in Huaping County to help the poor and benefit the education in remote areas.
Evergreen Gratitude
 On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Lanzhou University, six alumni of LONGi Landa, including Zhong Baoshen, chairman of LONGi Co., Ltd., and Li Zhenguo, President, returned to their alma mater to continue to support the education.
 In 2019, more than 700 students from nine universities, including Hong Kong University of Technology and Harbin University of Technology, came to LONGi to visit, talk and exchange with each other and experience the development of LONGi and China's photovoltaic industry.
Social Concern
In 2019, the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry and LONGi's high light performance attracted media attention. LONGi received in-depth reports from many heavyweight media in many aspects, such as global layout, photovoltaic to improve the ecological environment, and technology to promote its development.
 Five CCTV Appearance
In 2019, "One Belt, One Road "construction, and the concept of changing the desert ecosystem with photovoltaic technology were highly regarded by CCTV in 2019 and made four times of appearance on CCTV Integrated Channel, Financial Channel, and Documentary Channel Trump Card Programs.
 National Special Topic
 In 2019, the rapid development of LONGi attracted the attention of a number of large-scale national media special reports. The Xinhua News Agency's "China's Economic Resilience" and China Daily's "Going Global" made long and in-depth reports on LONGi, respectively.
Foreign Media Attention
 In 2019, China's photovoltaic industry represented by LONGi, had become the focus of foreign media. Forbes, Fortune, Japan Economic News, and other heavyweight foreign media have published in-depth contributions for many times, taking LONGi as the sample to interpret China's photovoltaic industry.
Voice of LONGi
In 2019, the positive role of photovoltaic power generation in future energy supply, climate change control, economic development, and other aspects became more and more prominent. LONGi is also actively involved in making a voice for the photovoltaic industry through a variety of heavyweight international platforms so that the world can have a more real and profound understanding of the photovoltaic industry.
 Fortune Global Sustainability Forum
 On September 4-5, Zhong Baoshen, Chairman of LONGi Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the Fortune Global Sustainable Forum, put forward the "Three Facts and Two Views" of the current photovoltaic development, and elaborated the photovoltaic development and its contribution to the sustainable development.
China Arab Exposition
 On September 5-6, Li Zhenguo, President of LONGi and Li Wenxue, Vice President of LONGi, were invited to attend the series of activities of the fourth China Arab exposition. The multi-level cooperation between China and Arab countries has been promoted with photovoltaic as the medium, and a consensus has been formed among the participants to promote the wider application of green energy.
 World Energy Conference
 From September 9 to 12, Mr. Li Zhenguo, President of LONGi, was invited to attend the World Energy Conference (WEC). At the meeting, the "Three Don't Worry" about the future photovoltaic industry was put forward, which made the participants more deeply realize the great value and potential of the photovoltaic industry.
 Fortune Global Forum
 On November 18, Mr. Li Zhenguo, President of LONGi, was invited to attend the Fortune Global Forum. President Li Zhenguo said that photovoltaic could provide feasible solutions to the dilemma of economy and climate, and Chinese enterprises are willing to firmly participate in the global market.
 From December 3 to 13, LONGi deeply participated in the 25th UN Climate Conference held in Madrid, and officially released the report of China's 2050 Photovoltaic Development Prospect, pointing out that photovoltaic will become the main power source in China in the future, which will bring great help to China and even the world to curb climate change and realize sustainable development.
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