From Me From Now — 21 Actions to Reduce Carbon Emission
Time:2021-03-03 13:21:27
2021 is a crucial year for all of us around the world.
Together we must make 2021 the year of climate action. we have just ten years to bring our emissions under control. A decade to limit global temperature rises, to the levels set out in the Paris Agreement.
The science is clear on the destruction we will unleash if we do not. Water supplies strained. Nature devastated. Human health increasingly stunted by the air we breath.
So it is vital that we act now.
The choices we make today will determine whether we or not we achieve it. A Net-Zero future needs everyone’s contribution. The choices we make today will determine whether we or not we achieve it. And our destiny on our planet earth is closely connected to our actions.

LONGi Group calls for 21 actions to reduce carbon emission From you, From now
Starting from small things around us for a Net-Zero earth.

Drive electric
Wear clothes to last
Walk and cycle more
Cut food waste
Green Your Money
Repair and reuse your belongings rather than buying new
Speak up at work / Talk to friends
Eat more plants
Eat seasonal
Turning down the heating in winter and turning up the air conditioner in summer
Turn off unnecessary lights
Reducing smoking
Moderate drinking
Reducing unnecessary flights
Using energy-efficient home lighting methods
Double-side printing
Reuse furniture
Work in natural light
Cherish water resource
Refuse bottled water
Use reusable shopping bags

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