Lu Zhiyuan, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province, Visited LONGi for Researched of Development of the PV Industry
Time:2018-06-14 19:06:30
On May 15, Lu Zhiyuan, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province, visited LONGi for in-depth research of its production and operation, technical R&D and development of smart manufacturing. Other officials visiting LONGi included Zhang Zongke, Director of the Provincial Industry and Information Technology Department, Zhao Yan, Director of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, Lan Jianwen, the Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Government, Qiang Xiaoan, Deputy Mayor of Xi’an and Qian Huwei, Director of Economic Development Zone Management Committee. The Board Chairman Zhong Baoshen, LONGi Solar President Li Wenxue and Public Affairs Officer Liu Xiao accompanied in the research. 
On that morning, Lu Zhiyuan and other officials first came to the exhibition hall in the headquarters of LONGi. When he learned that LONGi had developed to be the world’s largest manufacturer of the monocrystalline silicon PV products in just 18 years, Lu Zhiyuan expressed his appreciation for our strong development. He pointed out that it was necessary to inherit the spirit of Mr. Jiang Longji and develop business in a down-to-earth way. At present, the economy of Shaanxi Province is facing new challenges, and private enterprises must play a particularly important role.
Then they went to LONGi Xi’an Module Plant to visit the “Digital Workshop of Efficient Monocrystalline PERC PV Modules”. In the large workshop, robots were completing a series of procedures such as feeding, frame mounting, box packing and delivery to the warehouse. Only a small number of employees were responsible for inspection. Lu Zhiyuan spoke highly of the intelligent workshop and asked whether the Internet of Things system had been introduced. 
Zhong Baoshen gave an introduction to the development status, innovation concept and values of LONGi. He said that LONGi had always insisted on the innovation-driven leading that could bring lasting competitive advantages to LONGi. In 2017, LONGi invested a total of RMB1.108 billion in R&D, and its accumulated research and development took a leading position in the global PV industry. Moreover, LONGi has focused on providing customers with the most valuable products, creating the most valuable growth platform for employees and the best investment value for shareholders.
At the close of the survey, Vice Governor Lu Zhiyuan pointed out that the vigorous development of the PV industry had not only very good economic value, but also intangible environmental benefits. It could play an important role in strongly promoting the development of the new energy industry in our province and achieving the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading and environmental improvement. Enterprises must continue to work hard and build core competitiveness. Provincial departments should create a better policy environment and support enterprises to grow bigger and stronger.